Introducing the NEW Gourmet Take Away Program – now delivered to your door!

Conference and Event Services is proud to offer an updated Gourmet Take Away (GTA) program for 2020!

What is GTA?
Let us take the worry out of ‘what’s for dinner’. Our team is preparing hearty and delicious meals, for you to take home and heat at your convenience. We have on campus delivery to your location or you are welcome to use our curb-side pickup option at the Feltham Centre!

New menu items will be available every two weeks. Visit the website frequently to see what’s cooking! 

How does it work?
GTA packages will be available to order online from Monday – Friday of each week. Order and pay online and we will deliver to your specified location between 3:00pm – 4:00 pm. Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard.

When placing your order, please note the date you would like your GTA order and the NAIT room number you would like for us to deliver it to or if you prefer curb-side pickup in the Delivery Instructions. For same-day-delivery, orders must be placed in our system before our 1:00 pm cut-off time

I have questions - can I make suggestions?
Absolutely! Let us know what you would like to have for dinner tonight. Please email suggestions or questions to


Gourmet Take Away Features: Sept 21st - Sept 25th


Deluxe Beef Burgers

Our signature hand pressed beef patties, crispy bacon, caramelized onions, brioche buns, leaf lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, chipotle mayo & aged cheddar cheese. Served with home-style pasta salad.
Vegetarian option is available with this selection.

Serves 2 – 3 quarter pound burgers   $25.00

Serves 4 – 6 quarter pound burgers   $45.00

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Take & Make & Bake - Mercante Pizza

A fun, interactive way to enjoy a comfort classic! Fresh pizza dough portions, fresh and grated mozza, zesty marinara,pepperoni (artichokes - vegetarian option), mushrooms, onions, peppers and our "signature" Italian seasoning

Small Pizza (serves 2) $20.00

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Large Pizza (serves 4) $36.00

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Pollo Loco

POLLO LOCO – "The Crazy Chicken" (bone in thigh and leg) is fire-grilled and citrus-marinated, served over traditional Mexican rice and black beans - topped with house-made Pico de Gallo.

Pollo Loco Chico (serves 2) $16.00

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Pollo Loco Grande (serves 4) $30.00

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Make it a complete meal

Add a sweet treat and 2 cans of Coca Cola products. Only $4.00 more.
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Add a sweet treat and 4 cans of Coca Cola products. Only $8.00 more.
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